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Monday, October 10, 2011

Halloween Decoration - BOO!

I was inspired when I recently visited my local craft store to create this Halloween decoration. What I didn't like was the price and expense for each item it would take to create. So...I took a trip to my local Goodwill Store and found the three section black distressed frame - I know what a lucky gal I was and it only cost me $2.50 (price on the back was $19.99). Then I purchased a sheet of scrapbook paper for $.79 cents and headed home to create my own inexpensive Halloween decoration.
Gather Supplies:
Three section frame
Scrapbook paper
Printed letters B O O (I used Modern No. 20 font the size of 250)
Glue stick
Glitter Paint
Paint Brush
Cutting board or mat
Exacto Knife or other sharp edge cutter

After printing the letters BOO I carefully cut them from the stock paper I used. I printed the letter on standard copy paper but once I applied the glitter I wished I had used a heavier weight of paper. To cut the insides of the letter use an exacto knife cutting an X and then return to cutting with your scissors. When cutting around a curve, such as the B, turn the paper as you cut for a closer, non-jagged edge.

I found that the standard black ink from my computer wasn't as dark as I wanted so I used a black felt pen to color over it. Once I colored the letters I brushed on silver glitter.

While the glitter is drying cut your scrap book paper the dimensions of the frame. I actually made a transparent cut-out of the dimensions so that I could choose how I wanted the pattern on the scrapbook paper to look behind each letter.

Next I measured and put a dot on the scrapbook paper where I wanted the letters to adhere.

Once the glitter is dry, flip over your letters and apply an adhesive, I used a glue stick. Carefully apply the letters to the scrapbook paper and press down to smooth out.

Now, all you have to do is insert them into your frame and ENJOY!


  1. Agree, you are very creative! Just might have to make my own interpretation of this Across The Pond . . Thank You xx


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