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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Snowflake Tutorial

Holiday Tip #6 – Create Snowflakes
Many years ago I was inspired by a friends’ creative display of snowflakes hanging from her ceiling in her home.  She graciously sat down and showed me how to cut-out my own snowflakes.  I couldn’t wait to show my children and have them join me in creating our own snowflake wonderland.  It turned out that our home needed A LOT of snowflakes in order to accomplish the task of covering our ceiling and creating a snow flurry.  It took a couple of Christmases before our project was complete, but the fun we had along the way was well worth the effort! 
Gather together; copy paper, scissors
Follow the step-by-step picture instructions
Start cutting on the folded side and DO NOT cut all the way through the outside folds.
Tape to windows, hang on ceilings, use as doilies, use on cards, etc… 
These are the perfect craft to have your “I’m bored” school age children create in the coming days of winter break.  Invite visiting friends and relatives to make a snowflake, be sure to have each snowflake signed and dated by their creator.  Each year when the snowflakes are displayed we enjoy reminiscing about the creator of each snowflake. ~ Sheryl

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