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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Candy Buffet - Wedding Reception

Candy Buffet - Averylee Designs
I recently attended the wedding of my Goddaughter, Allison to her handsome groom, Travis, in Texas. The setting was stunning under a gazebo on a lake. I love weddings and was brought to tears as I saw the hope and excitment of these precious young people pledge their lives to each other and to their heavenly Father in a covenant of marriage.

For the reception I volunteered to create tags and banners for the reception candy buffet. My friend, the mother of the bride, had ordered an assortment of purple color candy in varying heights, color, texture and flavors. She purchased several glass jars throughout the months leading up to the wedding knowing that she wanted to create a candy treat feast not only for the eye but for the tummy as well. Most of the candy was ordered on-line and sent directly to her house, eliminating chaotic running around to find the right color of candy. From the photos below you will see that the jars were arranged in an attractive placement including adding boxes under some of the jars to add dimension to the buffet.

The tags and banners were cut using my Cricut machine and embellished with rhinestones and feathers. I also used a glitter tulle' for the banner. I decided to hand write the names of the candies to eliminate the need for my friend to send a detailed list and add to her already full plate of preparations. What was helpful was having her do a preliminary staging of the buffet, photograph it with her phone, and text me several pictures of the display so that during the set-up I referred to the photos and left her to overseeing other areas of event set-up. I also had her use post-a-notes and write the name of each candy and stick that to the jar. This was very helpful when I went to write the names on the decorative tags and again when I set up the buffet at the reception site.

Pictures say it all and I think you will agree that this was one fantastic, delicious and delightful candy buffet. Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Hunt - may your marriage be blessed with grace, unconditional love and endless moments of happiness. ~ Sheryl

Wedding Reception Candy Buffet

Mr. and Mrs. Hunt


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