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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Preserving Family Traditions

I love traditions!  I believe that it takes just one family member to keep the family traditions alive and I have gladly stepped up to preserve a couple of our family traditions.  One of the seasonal traditions that my grandmother, Jenny Bryden, started when I was just a young child was to make a Christmas stocking for every child and grandchild.  I don’t think when she started this craft she had any idea it would become a tradition or that she would make more than thirty stockings herself.   Yesterday I invited my nieces and great-nieces over to carry on the tradition.   My sister and I shared the stocking design that my grandmother created and helped each of them create their own design for their families.  It was a wonderful time with Christmas music playing in the background, hot cider and hot chocolate served in Christmas cups and a chance to be together as a family (even the newest member of the family, one week old Layla participated in our tradition).  I encourage each of you that read this to preserve a family tradition OR start a new one this holiday season.  The joy of traditions continues for generations to come. ~ Sheryl

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