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Friday, December 10, 2010

Holiday Tip #10 -Mini Christmas Trees

Enjoying the beauty of the holiday in every room of my home is a festive and fun part of the season. One way I capture the festivities is to display a mini Christmas tree in nearly every room of the house.

Choose a theme or color coordinate your mini tree. Wrap your tree with plug in mini-lights or battery-operated lights. I usually purchase the 20-count size of mini lights for each tree. I have used miniature Christmas trees as a centerpiece on the holiday table with the battery operated lights. 

Theme Ideas:
  • A vintage style Christmas tree with collectible teapots and teacups
  • Vintage jewelry makes for a beautifully decorated tree as well as great conversation
  • Miniature gingerbread boys and miniature Santa ornaments to mimic a collection of Santa cookie jars
  • For children; a favorite TV character, sports, cheer, ballet, miniature books, small animals, hot wheel cars, candy canes or ribbon
  • A delicate fluffy white tree adorned with glass purses, hearts and colorful miniature glass bulbs 
  • A pet tree with puppy treats tied with festive ribbon or mini mice.
  • For the gardener hang small seed packages tied with ribbon

Obviously, because of its size, miniature trees are a wonderful way to decorate any space in the house, they are also a thoughtful gesture to give to someone in a small home, apartment or care facility.  So, put together your prettiest, most original mini Christmas tree and share with a special someone in your life. ~ Sheryl

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