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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Santa Memories

Ho Ho Ho!
A fun family tradition that we have is to visit Santa during the holidays and capture a photo of the kids (sometimes adults) on his lap.  As my oldest children have become adults we now carry on the tradition and take the grandchildren.  Grammie makes sure they all have matching shirts for the occasion :)

A few Christmases ago, while visiting my aunt and uncle, over their fireplace mantel was a very unique frame displaying all of the Santa photos that they had accumulated through the years.  She had taken an old window and placed each of the Santa photos in the individual window panes - ADORABLE! 

I had forgotten that the pictures were displayed in a window pane but wanted to mimic the idea with my own collection of photos.  Holiday Tip #3 - How to display Santa Memories

  • Gather all of your photos
  • Scan pictures to the computer.  If you don't have a scanner borrow one and once the pictures are scanned download them onto a disc or jump-drive to take home.
  • Using a photo program (there are several free ones out there) crop and size each photo to similar dimensions.  This is the time to decide if you want your pictures color or black and white.  My aunt had all of her photos in black and white.  I tried black and white but found more interest in color.
  • WAIT until there is a sale on framing.  I decided not to be in a huge hurry and waited until there was a 60% off coupon on custom framing.  Needless to say, the sale was in the spring.
Use your imagination and find a theme idea to present in a unique and conversational way.  How about a snow theme, a collage of Christmas gatherings or tree cutting adventures? 

My family enjoys sharing their memories with their children each year as they laugh at the Santa photos and remember the fun outings.  Pictures enhance any decor or event. ~ Sheryl

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